Why Redwood?

We aim to build lifelong relationships with each and every
one of our clients.

The Redwood is one of the oldest, tallest and most majestic
trees to grace our planet.

Its many hundreds of rings tell the story of endurance and growth.
Its height is regal and bespeaks lofty success.

And, its roots, which gain great strength through interconnection
with those of others around, are a testament to the power of close relationships based on mutual respect.

These are values we hold high.

Let’s grow together.

A self-funded retiree's wealth is usually the result of hard work over many years and our aim is to ensure that the ‘fruits of their labour’ form the basis of their secure and rewarding future.

Most often, executives and professionals spend considerable time developing and attending to plans for the clients and organisations they work for.  They develop niche skills and have a high level of attention-to-detail. 
We are fortunate to work with some very successful business owners and to learn from their experiences. What is clear from our dealings is that there are many different phases in a business’s life-cycle.
Over the years, medical specialists have become a significant part of our business.  This is possibly because specialists understand the benefit of engaging other specialists to help with their wealth management.