Always by your side

We go into all new client relationships with the view that they will be lifelong. It is our objective to be with clients every step of the way and make sure every aspect of their financial future is well thought out.

Sound boarding

Acting as the sounding board and mentor as our clients move through the many different phases of their journey is what it’s all about for the Redwood Team.

Regular catch-ups

We will routinely catch up every six months to provide an update on where everything is, both strategically and concerning your specific investments. We are always available should the need arise to meet in between.

It is our aim that there be little for clients to do leading into or following the meetings, as our proactive approach to managing their financial circumstances ensures things are dealt with as required.

We see our relationship much like a Board and management team. The client is the board and Redwood is the management team. Together with the Board, we establish and review the mandate for the management team. As the management team, Redwood will get on with what is required leaving our clients free to spend their time as they wish.

The long-term view

While strategy remains important throughout our clients’ lives, and will always require constant management, the focus on building and protecting a passive pot of assets that will sustain them in the long-term, will ultimately take a greater priority.

We recognise that transitioning to that point where your assets will meet your income needs can be the cause of some anxiety. Our focus is on educating our clients around what is and isn’t achievable and sustainable, and explaining the investment process.

We find our clients enter retirement with realistic expectations, comfort and confidence.