First steps to financial clarity

The early days

We always say, “the plan is not set in stone but is an evolving piece.” However, it does set the foundations for how we move forward and provides clients with clarity about where they are financially, where they want to go and how we are going to get there. The hard work doesn’t stop here.

It is our job to then get on and implement the plan and make sure all aspects are thoroughly considered and put in place. This may involve bringing in other specialist financial advisers to help in areas requiring specific skills.

Most often in the first 12 to 18 months, there are a number of strategic initiatives that need to be thoroughly managed and bedded down. For some, this bedding down can take a number of years. This phase is usually a little more intense and you will have more regular engagement with our team.

Following this time, the strategy often requires less significant change and more ongoing proactive ‘maintenance’. However, clients’ circumstances are always evolving, some more so than others, so our role as a sounding board and mentor to our clients is important, meeting and talking regularly to prompt thought and allowing proactivity. Providing our objective voice to all aspects of their lives is a valuable asset for all our clients.

Early on in the relationship, a lot of time will be spent talking about the investments within clients’ portfolios. As transparency is a major objective of our approach, clients become engaged in the process and their understanding of investment management and investment markets should grow. This discussion is very worthwhile for clients, as building a level of understanding leads to comfort and confidence in their investments and in us.