Partnerships founded on trust and respect

Our clients value that we have their back, at all times. They understand that our only priority is to help them achieve their plans and make their lives better.

They respect our ethos of continuous improvement, and our view that change is one of few things in life that is absolutely guaranteed; the key is forming a trusted partnership to make the most of every opportunity and challenge which comes along.

Dr Lorry Dembo, Cardiologist

"…what they’ve done is help me understand where I’m at financially…. made my life easy in terms of time but still allowed me… really good access and control to what happens with my finances."

Dr Mike Davis, Cardiologist

“I much prefer to be fixing people’s hearts than thinking about dollars. Redwood have helped me directly with my practice… they’ve helped guide decisions on the structure of the practice and the best way of doing things… they’ve helped me, not only with my own retirement plan, but also with important issues of how to structure the business side."

Martin Hall, Cancer Council WA

"Redwood has been in partnership with Cancer Council for some 17 years now and over that period of time has done a great job for us. It’s very important that our investments are controlled in a good, sound ethical manner including the fact that we don’t invest in alcohol or tobacco companies. We’ve found with Redwood that they align with that very easily for us and they’re very transparent in their dealings with us in demonstrating whom they invest with and make it very clear that they’re following the criteria we’ve set. I think the Redwood team holds values that are very similar to Cancer Council in that they’re very community focused; they seem to have a good attitude… good family values."

Dr Eric Isaachsen, Retiree

"They’re certainly a very personal service and they take great care in understanding the changes and the transitions through life of your own personal circumstances."

Craig Bull, Accountant

"What I like about Redwood is the fact that they look at more than just the financial planning aspect of a client’s affairs… they’ll look at all aspects from Estate Planning, they’ve got knowledge of tax as well… they can consider those types of issues. It’s the whole approach. They’re really client focused; they look at an individual client rather than providing some generic solution."

Ian and Margaret Armstrong

“Very important that you manage your superannuation correctly and obviously they’re experts at that.”