We are fortunate to work with some very successful business owners and to learn from their experiences.  What is clear from our dealings is that there are many different phases in a business’s life cycle.

The role the owners play and the risks they take will often be influenced by their own personal life cycle. While for most, it is clear that their best asset will be their business, there will come a time when they start to focus on stepping back from the business.  In doing so, they may well recognise a need to build a passive ‘pot’ of investment assets, outside of their business.

At Redwood, we play a key role in helping to understand both the need to build this ‘pot’ of assets and how to extract capital from the business in a tax-effective manner. Leveraging our considerable, high-level experience, we will also help provide focus on heightening risk-awareness, asset-protection and investment-management. 

Our role is to not only develop a plan and be a sounding board for them as they make these key decisions, but to help educate them in those areas of wealth management where they have not had time to build expertise. Our role will evolve over many years as their needs do.