Most often, executives and professionals spend considerable time developing and attending to plans for the clients and organisations they work for. They develop niche skills and have a high level of attention to detail. Unfortunately, they are left with little time to develop and attend to their own plans. Given the constraint of being time-poor, we usually find that there are significant ‘givens’ and ‘unknowns’, which need attending to.

Our aim is to take a proactive role, helping to establish a plan, before relieving them of the time and mental burden of managing it.

We also act as sounding board for them as they make their decisions, and to help educate them in the areas of wealth management where they are yet to build expertise.

Our executive and professional clients range from those still in the early stages of their journey, to those approaching or in retirement. For those in the formative years, we will help them harness their cash flow, achieving a balance between nearer-term lifestyle objectives and longer-term financial objectives.

For those further along their career path, our primary focus is to protect their wealth, allowing them to meet their lifestyle and legacy objectives in a comfortable and sustainable way.