Breaking the mould in wealth management

Redwood Wealth Alliance was founded on the need to bring together sound, professional investment expertise and strategic advice. Twenty years on, our business continues to challenge the industry norms, refusing to accept that the highest ethical and professional standards are high enough.

Our business was established as Alliance Investment and Retirement Services by Brad Martyn and Ken Barrett, who were disillusioned with the rudimentary services available to busy, high-net-worth individuals. They found a gap in the industry where there were only limited advisers who had both the investment expertise and understanding in tax and superannuation to service high-net-worth individuals.

Our largely well-educated, results-focussed clients wanted clear direction and goal-setting, total transparency and help in devising and implementing strategies to achieve their objectives. They wanted close involvement with highly disciplined advisers in Perth who could create and apply sound approaches and always put their interests first.

We set ourselves the following seven key objectives:

  1.  Combine investment management and strategic expertise;
  2. Put our clients at the centre of every decision;
  3. Build lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships;
  4. Provide holistic advice focused on each client’s longer-term plans;
  5. Provide a high-touch, personalised service to a relatively small number of suitable clients;
  6. Enjoy our interactions and be able to look forward to coming to work each day; and
  7. Be clear that we don’t have the answer to everything. Because of this, we take a collaborative approach to working with other trusted advisers.

Change for the better

While things have changed over 20 years, the more important things have not. We have spent considerable time and energy over the years considering why we do what we do. The answer is, and always has been, as clear as it is simple:

“We care about making our clients’ lives better”.

Today our ‘Why?’ remains unchanged and Redwood Wealth Alliance still adheres to this core purpose.

We have always taken the view that what’s good today is not good enough for tomorrow. That nothing should be taken for granted. In keeping with the Japanese "kaizen" principle we will continue to look for "change for better"; to strive for continuous improvement.

While we may look quite different today, our set of core focuses remains identical. Our initial approach, to challenge the industry’s conventional approaches and standards, continues today. We strive to find solutions for our clients by looking beyond the industry’s standard offering.

While our name, Alliance Investment & Retirement Services was meaningful and appropriate for our first 20 years of existence, looking to the exciting future, we decided it does not reflect who we are.

Our new name, Redwood Wealth Alliance, better reflects how we interact with our clients and partners and the carefully planned, goal-focussed and substantial journey we will go on together.