Things that Redwood hold strong

Redwood’s wealth management business was founded on six core principles:
  1. Putting clients first; a truly personalised approach;
  2. Making everything simple and consistent;
  3. Insisting on teamwork and close client collaboration;
  4. Creating a happy, enjoyable and rewarding environment; 
  5. Striving for continuous improvement; and
  6. Being ever-prudent.

The Redwood value proposition

We commit to developing a profound understanding of our clients, their circumstances and their long-term objectives. We are determined to provide exceptional, measurable value.

We will work assiduously to take our collective market research, economic, political and regulatory considerations, knowledge, formal skills and industry experience, and apply them as we develop our broad strategic approach.

At all times, we will eschew short-term opportunism in favour of encouraging long-term, sustainable returns.

Our purpose

We care about making our clients’ lives better. Everything we do is considered in this context and judged against its implicit industry-leading standard.

Our core values

Putting you first

In addition to always placing each client’s financial interests ahead of everyone else’s, we work hard to ensure that each and every member of the Redwood Team is careful, caring, empathetic, friendly, respectful and genuinely interested.

The Redwood Personal Touch

We pride ourselves on always providing a personalised approach to everyone we deal with, ensuring we make working with us easy and predictably careful. We strive to simplify the complex and confusing, and to be consistent and prudent in all we do.

The Redwood Team

We harness the power of collaboration rather than function as a group of individuals.

Continuous improvement

Our effort to improve our service, our business and ourselves is relentless. Creating the ideal environment, which maximises job satisfaction and productivity.

We have total faith in our team members and actively promote a happy, enjoyable and rewarding work environment.