Market Update - What to watch for in 2018


In this video, Mike Hawkins presents his thoughts on investment conditions for 2018 and beyond. This includes a look at both global and domestic markets along with some considerations for portfolio construction.

The current bull market is now the second-longest since the World War II, running since the GFC-driven lows of March 2009. This positive investment experience has the potential to overshadow the important lessons learnt from the Global Financial Recession.

Typically, uncertainty in global markets causes volatility, however this was not the case in 2017. Despite Trump's election, Brexit in Europe, corruption and debt crackdowns in China and missile tests in North Korea, investment markets continued to rally - heavily supported by the abnormally low interest rates set by central banks.

Will the experience of 2017 continue, or will markets react differently? How can investors best position their portfolios for the year ahead?

Please click on the video to hear what Mike has to say.
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