Portfolio Construction in a Global Context


Our economy is becoming increasingly connected with the rest of the world, thanks to globalisation and innovation.

Corporate earnings in the United States continue to be driven by innovation and productivity gains yet in Australia, profits remain primarily reliant on population growth and Chinese demand for our commodities.

Despite somewhat positive economic data along with the recently-passed Australian personal income tax cuts, we continue to see our domestic economy as structurally constrained.

Considering this, in our latest video we discuss:

  1. The outlook for global interest rates and their impact on markets;
  2. Australia's economy and our reliance on China's fortunes; and
  3. The corporate earnings landscape and what it means for investors.

We believe portfolios should reflect this reality.

Please click on the video to hear what our team have to say.

We look forward to discussing our thoughts with you in more detail when we next meet.

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