Managing your portfolio

Our clients are busy people either in work or retirement. For some, this means they have little to do with the investment management process. For others, they are much more involved.

However, appreciating the need to act in a timely and efficient manner, and recognising our investment management skills and experience, our clients leave us to make the investment decisions.

We engage our clients though our Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) service. The service enables us to make investment decisions within the bounds of our clients’ stated objectives.

The operation of the Redwood Wealth Alliance MDA is best described as a ‘Board and Management’ relationship.

Our client occupies the role of Board Member, meeting with us regularly in order that we can set and review the Board’s investment and other objectives.

In these meetings we report to clients on how to progress towards achieving these objectives.

As the management team, we’ll be free to get on and manage investing within the MDA service in accordance with the set parameters and goals.

It is our aim to arrive at each meeting, not with a list of things to be done, but to report on the matters that have been addressed on a proactive and timely basis.

From time to time we may consider an investment that is not within the scope of our MDA arrangement (the Board’s guidelines). In this instance, we will not make a decision but present a case to the Board where we think the opportunity is appropriate. These decisions will be made outside of the MDA service but will still be managed in a proactive manner.