Enduring wealth strategies

We see our client relationships as lifelong partnerships and we are completely focussed on creating personal wealth strategies that will endure over time. To achieve this, we combine a holistic approach with a unique blend of skills and experience to add value to our clients’ complex financial situations.

Holistic wealth creation and management

At Redwood we recognise that no one person or organisation has all the answers. In providing a holistic service there are Three Core Pillars:

1. Strategic advice

Establishing a bespoke, long-term strategy is the foundation of successful wealth accumulation and management. Our approach to strategy is supported by a unique set of skills and experience suited to those with more complex issues on a greater financial scale. Our advisers are unique in that they are formally tax-educated, ensuring our approach to developing a strategy is more rigorous, comprehensive and results-oriented.

2. Investment management

Our overriding objective is to protect our clients’ money. To do this we must invest for the long-term. We have a long and proud history of investing directly into markets. Our investment approach has also stood many tests, from the Russian debt crisis, Asian currency crisis, the tech boom, ongoing global unrest, the Global Financial Crisis and the recent and infamous Resource Boom (and bust). Our approach has consistently delivered against our clients’ needs. We apply our investment analytical and management expertise to build bespoke, client-specific portfolios. While we will continue to adhere to our highly disciplined investment philosophy, we will continue to challenge convention, as the investment world continues to change.

3. Collaboration

We don’t have all the answers. However, our knowledge of and experience with the many opportunities and challenges faced by our clients, puts us in a strong position to identify the many issues at play, and work in close collaboration with each client’s accountant and other specialist advisers.

We are firm in our resolve that if we are not expert in a particular specialist area, we will get involved someone who is.
We are experts in investment management.

We are experts in wealth strategy.

And we are experts in collaboration.

A complex and changing world

The world we live in is very complex and ever-changing. While things may play out in much the way they have in the past, we must not accept this as a guide to the future. One thing is certain, evolutionary and revolutionary forces will lead to a very different financial environment over the course of each client’s relationship with us.

At Redwood Wealth Alliance, we are focused on continuing to challenge the status quo and being well prepared for the inevitable and imminent changes.

There are countless variables that will influence how the future will unfold. Part of our role is to try to anticipate these in managing our clients’ wealth.

Redwood is like a chess player in as much as we must:

  1. Look at the board from multiple perspectives;
  2. Calculate the possible moves for each piece;
  3. Think ahead about the possible responses from the opponent to each move; and
  4. Consider how each of their pieces relies on each other.

We can't afford to take a ‘set and forget’ approach to strategy development or investing. Our intimate knowledge of our clients’ circumstances, and our unique skill-set, allows us to be both proactive and responsive to a changing world.