No stone unturned

Our wealth management advisers provide a truly holistic service.

Our clients take comfort in the fact that we ask many questions and turn every stone in an attempt to understand their needs completely.

Armed with our intimate knowledge of them and our understanding of the many variables which can have an impact on them (such as tax, regulation, investments options, market conditions, the political landscape, prevailing domestic and global economic circumstances and industry legal and estate planning issues, to name but a few) we’re able to be consistently proactive in identifying opportunities and better managing their affairs.

Whatever happens, we have their back.

At Redwood we believe that to assist our clients, we need to focus on two things:

  1. What they want to achieve (lifestyle); and
  2. How we can leverage their resources (financial) to do so?

The two issues must be considered simultaneously.

The Redwood Difference combines a unique offering of investment and tax skills and an extraordinary capacity to combat the investment-outcome threats of tax and inflation. All Redwood financial advisers recognise that no one person or organisation has all the answers. We believe each client’s plan will only be achieved by leveraging many minds, with one focus.

We play to our strengths, and then leverage our network of specialists to provide a seamless solution.