Respecting other financial expertise

Our team approach is not limited to those in our office; our partnerships with other trusted financial advisers and experts are integral.
As our clients’ circumstances evolve there will likely be a need to engage many different specialists to attend to their needs. Too often in our industry we see advice in key areas offered in isolation. One of our main roles is to keep an eye out for these issues and together with each client’s other trusted advisers, employ the right solutions. These areas of interest and/or concern may include:

  1. Accounting;
  2. Insurance;
  3. Estate planning;
  4. Banking and finance;
  5. Business transactions and restructures;
  6. Asset protection; and
  7. Commercial and residential property advice

We have, and encourage, a healthy level of overlap with our client’s other key advisers, allowing us to identify issues, and brief or converse with them. This healthy overlap ensures things don’t slip though the gaps, and that clients’ outcomes are well considered by all the relevant parties. We aim to work in a collaborative manner with each client’s key advisers, with the one focus; achieving what is best for the client.

Our collaborative approach has five key benefits:

  1. Same problem, different perspectives - a uniquely balanced approach;
  2. Many sets of eyes throughout the year - more timely identification of potential issues and provision of solutions
  3. A more rounded, more carefully considered solution;
  4. A proactive approach to planning for and solving difficult situations; and
  5. An opportunity to leverage others' expertise.

The collaborative approach also applies to other differentiating aspects of our business and service offering:

Network benefits

Accountants and other advisors understand that this approach is not a threat to their client relationship but actually adds strength and rigour to the problem-solving process.

They are comfortable in the knowledge that the Redwood Team will keep them in the loop, and work collaboratively, not in competition.

We have been very fortunate to work with some of the highest-calibre specialists, including specialist accountants, tax lawyers, estate planning specialists, insurance specialists, finance specialists and the like.

In short, we have an amazing network of first-rate professionals who we can call on to assist our clients and others in our network. We share ideas and experiences in the interests of realising the best results for you.


In this day and age, being a smaller, more nimble financial services business is an advantage. We are not bound to any one partner. We are, therefore, free to seek-out opportunities that suit our clients’ objectives.

Our approach to managing our clients allows us to access the resources of many service providers.

These resources include:
  1. Morgan Stanley;
  2. Macquarie Bank;
  3. Bell Potter Securities;
  4. Evans and Partners
  5. Netwealth
  6. Australian Philanthropic Services;
  7. RP Data;
  8. Pantheon; and
  9. Zenith

And our extensive network of accountants, lawyers, property specialists, niche investment specialists, insurance and estate planning specialists also provide invaluable help and advice, whenever required.

Gone are the days of needing to engage the ‘biggest’ financial institutions to access the ‘best’ solution.


Making a referral in the area of wealth management is a big decision, as there is so much on the line.

Often the person or organisation making the referral will feel responsible for the outcome and must be sure that they will be looked after.

Redwood is a referral-based business. Our existence relies on positive endorsement of what we've done for our clients.

Advisor referrals

The majority of our clients come from repeat referrals from our network of advisers. While our network of specialists understands that our services are not suitable for all clients, they know that they can rely on us to meet their clients and guide them to where they may find a solution.

Client referrals

Our clients’ first-hand experience makes them a good judge of what we do. The trust that they have, knowing that their affairs are in safe hands, sees them comfortable referring family, friends and colleagues to us.

What we don't do

At Redwood we know our place. We are firm in our resolve that if we are not expert in an area we will get experts involved.

Our holistic approach to our client relationships, together with our collaborative approach, ensure that these important needs are attended to.

Here’s what we won’t handle directly:

  1. Accounting;
  2. Insurance;
  3. Estate planning;
  4. Banking and finance;
  5. Business transactions and restructures; and
  6. Commercial and residential property advice.

We will direct you to our network of advisors in these specialisations, or work closely with your chosen specialist. Usually our valuable experience in many of these areas, allows us to identify your needs and work with the chosen specialist productively.