Bespoke wealth solutions

Our industry has matured significantly over the past ten or more years. While it has come a long way the journey is far from over. Through this challenging period, we’ve seen a toughening regulatory framework and significantly higher levels of professionalism, lifting the standard of financial advice available.

The wealth management industry continues to be dominated or influenced by the six large banks and financial institutions. Redwood is very different from the industry.

Our three unique differentiators are:

1. PERSONALISED SERVICE: Building lifelong relationship

We look after a relatively small number of clients. Our high ratio of team members to clients reflects our commitment to a higher level of personalised service. To do this we must take a steady, highly selective approach to recruiting new clients.

2. TEAMWORK: Many minds, one focus

We understand all our clients’ needs are unique and we have built a team to satisfy them completely, over the long-term.

3. PARTNERSHIPS: Collaborative approach

We are experts in our field and we respect the expertise of others. Therefore, we know our place; we don’t try to be all things to all people.