Your stable financial partner for life

We approach all of our relationships with the view that they will be lifelong and, in the case of intergenerational wealth management matters, even more enduring. Our relationships are multi-dimensional, often involving many family members, Redwood team members and our clients’ other trusted financial advisers.

Our highly-developed team-engagement process sets us apart and, like the roots of the Redwood forest, it provides deep strength and endurance while ensuring ongoing stability.

A continual focus on building our team and supporting each member in building on their experience and skills is essential. So our clients are comfortable in the knowledge that the level of service and their relationship will endure throughout their lifetime.

All too often, an advisory relationship will end with the retirement of an adviser. Clients will often have to adjust to a new approach at a time in their lives when they need stability and peace of mind.

The Redwood team approach ensures essential continuity and stability.