A personalised investment approach

An enduring and holistic approach to wealth management

We see our client relationships as lifelong partnerships and we are completely focussed on creating wealth strategies that will endure over time. To achieve this, we combine a holistic approach with a unique blend of skills and experience to add value to our clients’ complex financial situations.

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A truly personalised investment approach

In an industry where investment solutions are built like hamburgers, to be served to the masses, we pride ourselves on servicing individuals. Recognising that no two clients’ investment needs are ever identical, we build personalised investment solutions to satisfy each client’s financial position and goals.

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Lifelong, specialised expertise

We strive to do better by challenging industry norms and ways of working, no matter what the stage of the wealth accumulation, creation and management process. Specialised areas of expertise, applied throughout the lifelong journey we take with each Redwood client, include:

  • Adding value through tackling all the many ‘unknown unknowns’ faced;
  • Creating strategies early in each client’s wealth-accumulation journey;
  • Nurturing wealth and sustaining its steady creation over the long-term; and
  • Intergenerational wealth and estate planning, for generations to come.

Adding value

New clients meet with Redwood clear in the knowledge of what they ‘know’ (and often with a view that they ‘know’ what they ‘don't know’).

Their objective is usually to engage an advisor who’s capable of assisting them in these two areas.
While attending to these areas is important, almost always, there are significant ‘unknown unknowns’.

It is in this space where substantial risks often lurk, and where the opportunities exist for us to make a difference.

At Redwood, our mandate is not limited to the 'known' and 'known unknowns'.

The value-adding advantage we offer is our ability to delve into your 'unknown unknowns' and to develop the reliable knowledge to be able to help you better manage your risks, and take full advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Strategies for those still early in the journey

In the earlier stages of wealth accumulation, most people are focussed on building their most valuable asset, either their expertise or their business.

Our role at this time is to guide each client to ensure that the next leg of their wealth accumulation is built on rock-solid foundations.

We help define each client’s long-term objectives and develop a clear strategy to keep them on-track.

We also serve as a reliable sounding board, sharing our investment and strategic expertise.

The right advice now, means greater options later in life.

We will make sure that all your wealth needs are considered.

Sustaining and nurturing your wealth

Wealth is usually the result of years of hard work.

Our primary focus is to protect your wealth, allowing you to meet your lifestyle and legacy objectives in a comfortable and sustainable way.

We take a proactive role, helping to establish a plan, before relieving you of the temporal and mental burdens of keeping on the path to success.

We will help you manage your investments by leveraging our team’s expertise to maintain your strategy, always managing the risks and planned returns in the context of your specific circumstances.

At the same time, we’ll manage your after-tax outcomes and protect you against the many ‘unknowns’.

Intergenerational wealth and estate planning

Accumulating meaningful wealth can open a world of possibility for the next generation.

It can also create world of uncertainty.

While most clients’ objectives for estate planning and intergeneration wealth achievement are relatively straight-forward, they are typically keen to ensure that their assets end up in the right hands, in an efficient manner, and in a harmonious way.

Our clients also want a degree of comfort that the next generation is aware of the responsibility that comes with inheritance and are well-equipped and soundly advised to make the right decisions.

We play an important role both in planning for intergenerational wealth transfer and implementation and in educating those involved.

Our role will include:

  • Assisting to identify your objectives;
  • Engaging Estate Planning Specialist and assisting you in briefing them properly and fully;
  • Passing on our intimate, detailed knowledge of your circumstances, including information on your assets and financial structures;
  • Reviewing their plan to ensure it accounts for tax and other potential outcomes;
  • Assisting you in educating the next generation so they’re adequately apprised of their rights and responsibilities;
  • Guiding and advising the next generation. Being here to assist them when needed; and
  • Considering the benefits and potential consequences of transferring wealth.